In Which Season Should You Visit Ha Giang?

Frontier Travel - Ha Giang is an absolutely beautiful city in the Northern of Vietnam. In order to see most of Ha Giang, there is some certain time of the year that you should pay attention to. Here are the benefits you will get in each season of Ha Giang in a year, that you might find very helpful.

Why is it so important to find a perfect time to visit Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is in the North of Vietnam, a place that captive people with majestic limestone mountains, the legendary Dong Van plateau on the banks of Lo River, winding roads, picturesque terraces, Wang Dynasty, Dong Old Town Van, Khau Vai love market for unfinished relationships. Those magnificent scenes make thousands of travelers from all over the world curious and find their way to Ha Giang themselves each year.

Ha Giang travel experience

In each season, Ha Giang would have a different beauty

For those who have never been to Ha Giang, you should research the destinations and the time before planning a detailed schedule. The choice of the ideal time to travel to Ha Giang is very important, so to avoid the case that you go at the wrong time and will not able to fully enjoy the beauty of Ha Giang.

Travel to Ha Giang in spring

Coming to Ha Giang at the beginning of spring, you will have the opportunity to attend many traditional festivals in the area. You will witness the longevity festival of the Tay ethnic group, which is also known as the time for descendants to congratulate grandparents and parents, to wish them happiness and health.

Ha Giang travel experience

You can attend the festivals in Ha Giang during spring

Aside from that, at this time you also participate in other unique early spring festivals such as Horse Fighting Festival, Buffalo Fighting Festival, Caged Cage Festival... attracting a large number of tourists. Those will be a very memorable experience for you.

During spring, March is considered to be the most beautiful time to travel to Ha Giang, with peach blossom gardens and plum blossoms in full bloom, suitable for young people who want to explore to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Make sure to wear your prettiest outfit and take hundreds of impressing photos with the flowers.

Ha Giang travel experience

Peach blossom flowers and plum flowers blooming in Ha Giang

Exploring Ha Giang in summer

April is also the time when many foreign visitors find their way to Ha Giang. If you visit Ha Giang in April, you can have the chance to enjoy the great festival of Khau Vai Love Market - a typical cultural feature of Ha Giang. You will be able to participate in the bustling space of the love market, witnessing young women and men meeting and expressing love to each other.

Ha Giang travel experience

Khau Vai love market was crowded with people

Not interested in romance? Then maybe May and June will be the perfect time for you. May and June in Ha Giang are called “season of the water”, because, during this period, travelers have the rare chance to admire the winding terraces, with water pouring from the top of the mountains, creating such majestic scenes. The fresh mountain water on the fields looks so stunning and dazzling, you will absolutely be overwhelmed.

Ha Giang travel experience

The terraces in Ha Giang during summer

When the terraces have its water-filled, it’s also when farmers start bustling down the fields to prepare for a new crop. It is very interesting to watch their daily life, learn how they work and understand more about their custom and culture.

Come to Ha Giang in fall

This is the ideal season to visit Ha Giang that most people enjoy. August and September are when the rice fields start to ripe in Ha Giang, creating beautiful and charming golden terraced fields all over the mountains. Not only admire the majestic scenery, but you can also feel the sweet fragrance of ripe rice.

Ha Giang travel experience

The stunning shape of yellow in Ha Giang in the fall

The landscapes of yellow rice fields cover a massive area of land shall leave a deep impression in you. Under the sunlight, the fields will only become so much better. You really should consider visiting Ha Giang during this time of the year, the experience you get will definitely worth it.

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Find your way to Ha Giang in winter

Winter - the season of cold weather - is the time when triangular flowers bloom across the hillsides in Ha Giang. When these stunning flowers bloom, the foothills are filled with the beautiful and elegant shape of purple. After the vascular triangle flower season, the brilliant and delightful shape of yellow of the mustard flower season in December. Both of them shall make you head over heels with the sceneries in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

Ha Giang travel experience

Sometimes, there are snows during the winter in Ha Giang

When the mustard flowers bloom, the bright yellow color will spread all across Ha Giang, creating an extremely romantic landscape. You will have the chance to take stunning and magnificent photos of the view.

During winter, the weather in Ha Giang is quite cold, the land will be covered in a slight layer of mists. It might be cold, but you will still enjoy the blurry yet charming beauty of Ha Giang, Vietnam.

Ha Giang travel experience

Winter is when mustard flowers bloom in Ha Giang

Choose a Ha Giang travel tour

Ha Giang is such a lovely province, it is no wonder thousands of travelers want to visit the place each year. For those who are to busy to plan a trip on their own, Frontier Travel Vietnam does provide an interesting motorbike tour to explore Ha Giang, which is very professional and high-quality. You can join the tour at any time of the year, so don’t be hesitate to contact us.

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Ha Giang travel experience

Don't miss the chance to visit such a beautiful place like Ha Giang

Hopefully, with the information above, you can choose the most suitable and attractive season to visit Ha Giang for yourself. Frontier Travel Vietnam hope to see you in Ha Giang, Vietnam in near future and wish you a wonderful, satisfying and amazing trip in our beautiful S-shaped country.

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