What Is There In Ha Giang In The End Of The Year?

There are some people say: “If you want to see the true beauty of Ha Giang, you should travel in September, October and November”. So what is so special and beautiful in Ha Giang in these months that attracts thousands of visitors to come there each year? Why should you choose Ha Giang for your next destination this end of the year?

The weather of Ha Giang in September, October and November is so wonderful

In September, October and November, which is called autumn dwelling in the North, there will be less rain, less storm, so your trip will be much more satisfying. The air is mostly dry, slightly sunny, in the afternoon there will be blue smoke in mountainous areas. This kind of weather is absolutely ideal for photographing, sightseeing and exploring the highlands place.

September, October and November are ideal times to travel to Ha Giang

If in October, it is still cool and windy in Hanoi, with a few hot days, then in Ha Giang, the weather is very cool in the day and the noon. But at night, the cold has already come. In Dong Van rock plateau, there are years when in October, during the night is about 10 - 13 degrees Celcius. In the morning, it is warm and sunny again.

However, in November, the weather starts to get colder. In November of Ha Giang, there is still drizzle of wind, and the children play with fire along the main road. If you go to Ha Giang in November, the weather is quite cold (though not as cold as in December) so you should wear shoes, socks, hats, gloves and coats as well.

The slightly cold weather in Ha Giang will make it easier to explore

These months are considered to be the most ideal and beautiful time to travel to Ha Giang. You only have to bring a coat just in case it gets windy, but besides, the weather will be delightful. If you are looking for a trip to Ha Giang, these months will be a perfect time.

Ha Giang September has bright yellow ripe rice fields

Choosing to travel to Ha Giang during the days of September, you will feel like you are stepping into the world of giant paintings created meticulously by the hands of the local people. The terraced fields spread all over the place, once green during the summer, now turned into a brilliant shape of yellow in September. The sight of such astonishing yellow rice fields has become an “unforgettable mark” in the heart of every person who comes to Ha Giang.

The yellow rice fields have become a significant trademark of Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi, which is located about 110 kilometers from Ha Giang city center, is a famous tourist destination during the season of ripe rice. The road to Hoang Su Phi is very winding and narrow sop it will challenging your riding skill but if you have no experience of riding motorbike before then you can choose the other way like traveling by car or by bus to get there. Coming to Hoang Su Phi in September, you will have the phenomenal chance to admire the scenery where everywhere is a bright yellow color, which seems to be gleaming under the sunlight. Such a magnificent view will make you feel like you don’t want to go home at all.

Coming to Ha Giang in September, besides Hoang Su Phi, you can admire the beauty of terraced fields in Ho Thau, Nam Ty, Thong Nguyen, Ban Phung communes... and many other places in Ha Giang as well.

The brilliant yellow of ripe rice in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Enjoy the triangular circuit flower in Ha Giang this October

No one would have thought that in the middle of the barren plateau, all bare rocks could grow flowers with such a gentle shape of purple color. The triangular flowers in October cover an entire dreamy valley or filling itself on the peaceful roadside. That beauty is simple, rustic but has a surprisingly attractive magic power.

Ha Giang travel experience

The astonishing beauty of the triangular flowers in Ha Giang

The triangular flower season in Ha Giang lasts from early October to the end of December. You only need to spend about three days to go all the most attractive tourist destinations in Ha Giang. The beautiful and remarkable triangular fields are a typical feature in Ha Giang. The land of Ha Giang seems to wear an entirely new look every time the triangular flower season comes back. Visitors to Ha Giang can see this flower in many places such as the legs of Lung Cu, Sung La, Dong Van, Pho Cao and Ma Lé flagpoles.

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During October, if you come to Ha Giang, you also have the opportunity to participate in the Triangular Flower Festival, held from October to December. Such magnificent beauty of the flowers will absolutely delight you.

Ha Giang travel experience

Coming to Ha Giang at the end of the year, you will be overwhelmed with the wonderful beauty of these flowers

Surprised with the majestic natural beauty of Ha Giang in November

Ha Giang is so famous for its triangular flower season, making people forget the majestic nature here. In the end of the year, besides the golden rice fields in Hoang Su Phi or the dreamy purple triangular flowers, you can watch the sunset in the fields in Quan Ba, watch the sunrise in Xin Man or Meo Vac, or take a backpack to contemplate the astonishing blue Nho Que river from above as well.

Travelers exploring the blue Nho Que river, Ha Giang

Not only discovering the magnificent natural beauty, coming to Ha Giang in September, October and November, you can also enjoy the special cuisines such as sour soup, grilled pork with charcoal, mint honey, Dong Van old town roll cake, Bac Me blue rice,... Such simple yet elegant dishes represent the peaceful life of the local people, which will bring you wonderful memories and experience.

Ha Giang travel experience

Thang den - a delicious dish of Ha Giang

Here are the reasons why you should visit Ha Giang in September, October and November. The breathtaking beauty of the place shall impress you deeply. These months are coming so don’t be hesitate to contact Frontier Travel Vietnam to plan your own exciting Ha Giang tour right away.

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