Top Destinations For Pu Luong Motorbike Tour 2023

Do you want to leave the sweltering heat of the noisy city and temporarily forget the fatigue of the hustle and bustle of life? No need to go to the far Northwest lands, just come to Pu Luong Thanh Hoa, you can be immersed in the wild nature of mountains and forests, breathe in the cool fresh air and admire all the simple beauty blends with the sky and clouds. Top destinations for Pu Luong motorbike tour 2023 below will surely give you all the necessary experience and information so that you can extend the list of Vietnam motorbike tours.

Top destinations for Pu Luong motorbike tour 2023

  1. Kho Muong village - Bat Cave (Khoa Muong Cave)

On the majestic Pu Luong motorcycle tour, there is a very primitive and rustic valley called Kho Muong. This is one of the most difficult upland villages of Thanh Son commune, Ba Thuoc district.

The road to Kho Muong is winding and winding because it is under construction. On one side is a cliff, on the other is a deep abyss with golden terraced fields and immense forests.

What to play in Kho Muong Village?

Kho Muong Cave, also known as Bat Cave, is a mysterious and forgotten cave in the middle of a sleeping land. The entrance to the cave is a craggy dirt road covered with forest trees. From the outside, Bat Cave is just over 100m wide, but the cave is more than 2.5km wide, with many nooks and crannies deep in the ground. Making up Kho Muong Cave is the towering limestone blocks, perhaps millions of years old.

Kho Muong Cave is also known as Bat Cave because it is home to many species of bats, at least 4 species of bats are found in this cave at different times of the year. The deeper you go into the cave, visitors will be able to admire the stone blocks, stalactites with strange shapes such as human figures, trees, beasts ... all different colors, blurry, All appear extremely vivid and unique.

  1. Ban Hieu - Thac Hieu

Hieu and Thac Hieu are located in Co Lung commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa. Coming to Pu Luong in the ripe rice season, you will be surprised with the 25 km long road from Canh Nang town to Ban Hieu because the two sides of the road are terraced fields on both sides of the stream. Cross the wooden suspension bridge to enter the village.

The village has more than one hundred roofs scattered along both sides of the stream. The roofs of the houses on stilts intertwine with the rapids to create a waterfall scene - beautiful stilts like a watercolor painting. The whole stream from the beginning of the village to the end of the village is only about a kilometer, but there are 5 waterfalls, each waterfall has a unique beauty that is not the same as another waterfall. Therefore, the people in the village collectively call all those waterfalls "Thac Hieu" and affectionately call that stream "Duong Hieu" rather than "Suoi Hieu" as usual.

  1. Ban Son - Ba - Muoi

Son - Ba - Muoi is also known as Cao Son area. True to the name Cao Son, these villages are located at the top of the Pha He and Pha Chien ranges, at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, running parallel to the majestic Pu Luong - Cuc Phuong mountain circuit.

Located at such a height, the road to the village is very difficult, so Son - Ba - Muoi is almost completely separate from the villages at the foot of the mountain. This creates a very natural wilderness for Son - Ba - Muoi as well as very attractive to those who love adventure travel in Vietnam. In particular, this place still preserves many customs of the ancient Thai people, the stilt house still retains the traditional imprint, clearly showing the characteristics that have not been influenced by modern architecture from the outside.

  1. Ban Don (Thanh Lam Commune)

Don village owns a wild beauty, with terraced fields stretching, houses on stilts lying along the foothills of peace and quiet. Even more impressive, when coming to Ban Don, visitors will learn how to weave cloth, enjoy many flavors and specialties of the highland such as: bamboo shoots, grass ducks, wild boar, hill chicken, fish soup... and more. Both are the sincerity and warmth of the local people. Don't miss Ban Don on your Pu Luong motorbike tour.

From Ban Don, visitors can walk or rent a motorbike to move to other tourist attractions in Ba Thuoc district such as Ban Hieu (with Thac Hieu), Kho Muong village (explore Bat Cave)...

  1. Check-in at the top of Pu Luong mountain

Liked as "paradise in the middle of thousands", Pu Luong possesses a majestic natural landscape all year round, covered with clouds. If anyone wakes up early in the morning, looking through the window will see each cloud floating on the top of Pu Luong, sometimes the clouds are just gliding past. Clouds and mountains blend together, the reality is real, everything seems to be motionless, only the absolute silence of the mountains and forests.

If you are an adventure lover, perhaps conquering the peak 1,700m above sea level is the most interesting experience in Pu Luong. It will take you about 6-8 hours in good weather to reach the top. But when you reach the place, you will be completely overwhelmed by the scenery of the mountains, the vast fields, and the scattered roofs of stilts in the valley at the foot of the mountain.

On the top of Pu Luong, you will enjoy the feeling of victory when conquering the glorious peak in the Northern Vietnam Motorbike tour. In addition, you can set up camp on the top to eat and rest overnight and go down the mountain the next day.

  1. Pho Doan Market

If you have the opportunity to come here every Thursday or Sunday, you must definitely attend the Pho Doan market - famous since the French colonial period. Pho Doan market has the characteristics of a highland market with mainly self-sufficient goods. The goods, though simple, are quite rich in categories with products such as brocade costumes, can wine, wild vegetables, insects, fresh fruits, etc.

What makes the attraction for tourists when coming to the market is the unique culture of buying and selling goods of equal value. Sometimes, they do not deal with money, for example a chicken can be exchanged for twenty eggs with vegetables that both parties are comfortable and happy. Just "like the belly" is to buy immediately, rarely see the price, ask for challenges. This is the most typical feature of the markets in the Northern Vietnam Motorbike tour.

Above is a summary of places that you cannot miss on the Pu Luong motorbike tour. Frontier Travel hopes that this is useful information to make your upcoming trip more perfect. In addition, you can refer to our vietnam motorbike tour. We are happy to be with you every step of the way.

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