Ha Giang Loop Adventure By Motorbike

Ha Giang is a mountainous province located at the northernmost border of Vietnam. Home to 27 different ethnic groups, such as the H’mong people, Lo Lo people, Tay people, Giay people, Hoa people, and more, there is vast diversity in language, culture, traditions, and customs. The best way to explore this beautiful region is by motorbike. Ha Giang's beautifully majestic scenery, paired with it's long, curvy roads take travelers through an unforgettable myriad of landscapes, full of towering limestone mountains, beautiful flowers, and very friendly people.

Ma Pi Leng pass in the early moring

The Quan Ba ​blossom fairy mountain, located next to Highway 4C, 40 km from Ha Giang town. Between the rocky mountains and terraced fields lay two strange shaped mountains that rise gently, making visitors wonder about the wonderful beauty of nature. These two mountains are associated with the poetic Nui Ba Tien legend.

Dong Van stone plateau (or Dong Van plateau geo) is a stone plateau spread across the four districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac of Ha Giang province. On October 3, 2010, the "Dong Van Geopark Geological Park" profile was officially recognized by the Global Geoparks Network Advisory Council of UNESCO as a Global Geopark, making it only the second Global Geopark in Southeast Asia, and the first in Vietnam!

Road to Dong Van

Lung Cu flagpole is located on Lung Cu peak, about 1,700m above sea level, in the Dong Van district of Ha Giang province. This is a small spot on the Vietnam-China border. With the Vietnam-China border resembling roughly the shape of a cone, the Lung Cu flag tower is the apex, or tip of the cone, the highest elevation in northern Vietnam! Palace of the King Lying at the end of a row of tall sycamore trees, the surface stone gate of King Cat Vuong Chinh Duc's mansion in Sa Phin is a must-see attraction. Vuong Chinh Duc was the head of the Vuong family of Mong people in Ha Giang over a century ago. Made incomprehensibly rich through the planting, processing and trading of opium across borders with China and Burma, Vuong Chinh Duc and his family dominated this plateau and proclaimed himself king.

Behind the stone gate is his monumental palace, a mansion that took over 8 years to build, costing about 150,000 VND white silver. Crafted by Muslims in Yunnan and the most talented craftsmen in Mongolia, the palace still holds a gift from Ho Chi Minh himself when he came to gain the trust of Vuong Chinh Duc and earn his support.

Ma Pi Leng Pass In Mandarin, Ma Pi Leng literally means "the horse's nose." But in a figurative sense this name refers to the most dangerous of mountain tops, where the mare climbs to the peak of the mountain and dies. However, according to some indigenous Hmong people, the correct name of the pass is Muoi Pi Leng, meaning "cat's nose". It is the most beautiful road in Vietnam to ride motorbike with spectacular view of mountains , rivern and villages of ethnic people a long the way

Nho Que river

Ma Pi Leng summit belongs to the three communes of Phung Lung, Pa Vi and Xin Cai in the Dong Van stone plateau, over 2000m above the sea. The pass is composed of a series of sediments consisting of limestone , shale, and siliceous limestone, containing fossils about 426 million years old. Still visible are many rifts and cracks caused by mountain formation and plate tectonics.

Vehicles in Ha Giang The distance from Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 300km. You can go by car or bus and if you really want to get off the beaten track you should absolutely travel by motorbike. You can rent an automatic scooter, or manual dirt bike like the XR150cc. Most frequently, people travel to Ha Giang from Hanoi by bus. This route continues to the highland districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac. It is most convenient, however, to rent motorbikes to move between the numerous attractions of the Ha Giang region. While each bike only holds 1-2 people, you can use multiple bikes if you're travelling in a larger group.

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