Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam
Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam
Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam
Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam
Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam
Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam
Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam

Unforgettable 11-Day Motorbike Tour: Explore The Highlights Of Northwest And Central Vietnam

11 days


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11 days

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The Vietnam Unleashed tour is an exhilarating 11-day motorbike adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of North West and Central Vietnam. Starting from Hanoi, the tour takes riders on a journey to explore captivating destinations such as Mai Chau, Son La, Than Uyen, Sapa, Bac Ha, Xi Man, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Bao Lac, and Ba Be. Along the way, riders will witness stunning scenery, majestic mountains, terraced rice fields, and encounter the vibrant culture of ethnic minority groups. From riding smooth roads to navigating challenging mountain passes like Ma Pi Leng, this tour offers a perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion. Each day is filled with exciting activities, delicious meals, and comfortable accommodation in hotels and local stilt houses. The tour concludes with a ride back to Hanoi, creating lasting memories of a unique and unfogettable motorbike adventure in Vietnam.


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Leaving behind the bustling streets of Hanoi, our motorbike adventure takes us on a northerly route, alongside the enchanting Hong Son Lake. As we ride, we are greeted by the captivating sight of tiny islands scattered amidst lush forests and towering limestone peaks, creating a picturesque scene. Continuing our journey towards the north, we traverse smooth roads, revealing even more charming landscapes along the way. Upon reaching Mai Chau in the afternoon, we have the chance to explore the city, immersing ourselves in its vibrant atmosphere before indulging in a delicious dinner. Afterwards, we are treated to an authentic Thai Dance show, experiencing the rich cultural heritage firsthand. As the night settles in, we find serenity in Thai stilt houses, where we rest and rejuvenate for the upcoming adventures.

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As we bid farewell to the charming town of Mai Chau, our Vietnam motorbike adventure continues as we venture along a small dirt road. Riding westward, we find ourselves tracing the path alongside the Da River, passing by significant caves holding archaeological treasures like stone axes and stripped stone fragments. A local ferry takes us across the lake, unveiling a new chapter of our journey. With majestic mountain ranges on our right and the serene river on our left, the scenery leaves us in awe. After a brief stop in Bac Yen for a quick bite, we venture onward, traversing the untamed river bank as we make our way north. Our accommodation for the night awaits us in a comfortable hotel in Son La, providing us with well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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After enjoying a satisfying breakfast, we embark on our journey along Highway 6 towards Tun Giao. The breathtaking scenery continues to captivate us, prompting a stop to visit the enchanting Black Thai village, nestled beyond the Dark Cave. Following a delectable lunch at Tuan Giao, we navigate the exhilarating 279 Road leading to Than Uyen. This winding road takes us through dense forests and showcases magnificent rice terraces, leaving us exhilarated by the beauty surrounding us. Taking a refreshing pause at Pa Uon Bridge, we soak in the stunning landscape before continuing our adventure. As night falls, we retire to the comforts of a hotel in Than Uyen, preparing for another day of unforgettable experiences.

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Our journey continues as we traverse a winding road along the magnificent Hoan Lien Son mountain range, immersing ourselves in a valley adorned with lush tea plantations and picturesque rice fields that gracefully trace the path alongside the Nam Ma River. Nestled on the foothills of the mountains, we encounter the welcoming villages of Dzao, H'mong, and Tay, each offering a unique glimpse into their vibrant cultures. As we ascend the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, be prepared for the awe-inspiring O Quy Ho Pass, treating us to panoramic views that will undoubtedly take our breath away from over 2,000 meters in altitude. In the afternoon, we reach the captivating destination of Sapa, where we settle for the night in a comfortable hotel, ready to explore the wonders that await us in this enchanting town.

Day 5: SAPA – BAC HA – XI MAN (160KM/ APPROX. 5 HOURS) (B/L/D)
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After enjoying a hearty breakfast, we set off on our Vietnam motorbike tour, journeying towards the heart of Lao Cai province, located near the border with China. This bustling area serves as a hub for trade in the northern region, so we take some time to explore and soak in the vibrant atmosphere before continuing our ride towards Bac Ha. Renowned for its vibrant and colorful market, which takes place only on Sunday mornings, Bac Ha is a captivating destination where the Dzao and Flower H'Mong ethnic groups gather. Riding along a scenic and narrow trail, we make our way to Ximan, further north, and continue through a lush green forest. A stop at the mountaintop village of Lao Chai offers us a mesmerizing view of the Chay River, seemingly reaching up into the sky and disappearing into the clouds. The area boasts numerous captivating trails, enhancing the undeniable beauty of the surrounding landscapes and earning its well-deserved reputation as one of Vietnam's most stunning spots. As night falls, we find comfort and relaxation in a hotel, ready to embark on new adventures the next day.

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After savoring a delightful breakfast at a local restaurant nearby, our next stop takes us to the vibrant local market, where we indulge in shopping for souvenirs, capturing precious moments with our cameras, and mingling with the friendly local ethnic minorities including Dzao, Flower H'mong, Nung, and more. Today's journey will put our riding skills to the test as we traverse challenging mountain passes along the way! As lunchtime approaches, we find ourselves in Tan Quang, where we can replenish our energy. The final 50 kilometers leading to Ha Giang are more relaxing and easier, as we reconnect with Road 2. If time permits, we may even have the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate in the hot springs of Thanh Ha. As the day winds down, we settle for the night in a comfortable hotel, ready to embrace new experiences awaiting us on this exciting adventure.

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Our first task is to obtain a visit permit from the Ha Giang immigration office, allowing us to continue our journey through the captivating regions of Quang Ba, Dong Van, and Yen Minh. These areas boast stunning natural landscapes and offer breathtaking views of untouched surroundings. The local people have adapted to the challenges of living on rocky farmlands, demonstrating resilience, hard work, and a remarkable ability to overcome obstacles. Despite their modest lifestyles, they exude warmth, friendliness, and contentment.
During a quick break at an informative coffee shop, we can climb a set of stairs to behold idyllic views of Quang Ba. Our lunch stop takes us to Yen Minh, where we have the opportunity to explore Pho Bang, a town built centuries ago, characterized by its multi-story clay brick houses with tiled roofs. In Quang Ba, we can also visit the Vuong Palace, once the residence of the influential H'mong family and known for its fascinating blend of European and Chinese architectural styles. This historical landmark attracts architecture enthusiasts from all over.
Our final destination for the day is Dong Van, where we will settle for the night in a comfortable hotel. This picturesque town offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage, providing a perfect retreat for rejuvenation. As the day comes to a close, we can look forward to a restful night's sleep, ready to continue our thrilling adventure in the morning.
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Our journey continues as we embark on a thrilling ride through the breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass, where we are captivated by the enchanting landscape that unfolds before us, offering magnificent views of the Nho Que River. Descending from the pass, we make our way to Meo Vac, traversing the mythical and high mountainous regions of Ha Giang. Our final destination for the day is the vibrant town of Bao Lac, renowned as a significant ethnic crossroad where various ethnic groups from Northeast Vietnam come together. The Sunday market in Bao Lac serves as a lively and dynamic gathering place for these diverse communities, fostering cultural exchange and connection across borders. As the day comes to an end, we find comfort and relaxation in a hotel, ready to embrace new experiences and encounters in the days ahead.

Day 9: BAO LAC – BA BE (120KM/APPROX. 4 HOURS) (B/L/D)
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Today's adventure takes us through a series of passes, putting our riding skills to the test once again as we navigate the winding roads. However, we have the flexibility to make multiple stops along the way, allowing us to rest and recharge as needed. The entire ride, including breaks for food and drinks, will take approximately 8 hours. As darkness falls, we find ourselves in a welcoming Tay community, where we will spend the night. Immersed in the local culture, we have the unique opportunity to experience traditional living by staying in charming stilt houses. The night promises a peaceful and authentic experience, allowing us to connect with the rich heritage of the Tay community.

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While in Bac Ngoi, we have the incredible opportunity to enjoy a 2-hour boat cruise on the lake, followed by a visit to the captivating Dau Dang waterfall. After a delicious lunch and optional swimming, we can explore a nearby village and primary school. Returning to Ba Be Lake, we will visit the An Ma temple before embarking on a trek through the lush Ba Be rainforests. From a nearby tower, we can capture stunning photos of the surroundings. The night will be spent in local stilt houses, immersing ourselves in the local culture and hospitality.

Day 11: BA BE – HANOI (220KM/APPROX. 7 HOURS) (B/L)
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As our journey nears its end, we make our way back to Hanoi on this final day, preparing for an exhilarating ride ahead. Starting from the western side of Ba Be Lake, we follow a southward route that takes us through Thai Nguyen, a renowned city known for its exceptional tea production. Along the way, we make a stop at Tow, where we can explore the fascinating Vietnamese Ethnic Group Museum of Cultures. This museum showcases vibrant exhibitions that depict the diverse lifestyles of Vietnam's 50 hill tribes, offering a captivating glimpse into their rich heritage.
As the day unfolds, we anticipate reaching Hanoi by approximately 5:00 P.M., marking the conclusion of this extraordinary journey. As the tour comes to an end, let the memories and experiences you have gathered linger, serving as a remarkable tale of discovery, adventure, and the vibrant spirit of Vietnam.

Additional details

Group Size

Price/ person/ day

1 rider

USD 355

2 riders

USD 255

3 riders

USD 215

4 riders

USD 205

5-6 riders

USD 195

7-8 riders

USD 175

9-10 riders

USD 170

11-12 riders

USD 165

  • 01 motorbike per person
  • All petrol (gasoline)
  • Accommodations
  • Local English Speaking guide
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary: 10 Breakfasts (B), 11 Lunches (L), 10 Dinners (D)
  • Boat trip in Babe
  • Thai Music dance show
  • All entrance fees and permits to visit Ha Giang area
  • Visa to Vietnam
  • Any other transportations are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Meals are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tip for guide
  • Other personal expenses
  • Passport
  • Good sunglasses
  • Good shoes for walking
  • Other personal needs and some cash for drinks or souvenirs.
  • Riding gears:
1. Motocross/dirt bike boots
2. Body armor for summer/Boby protective jacket for winter
3. Gloves
4. Riding pants
5. Protective helmet
6. Goggle with open-face helmet and dirt bike helmet
  • If you cancel 30 days before departure, your deposit will be fully refunded.
  • If you cancel from 29 to 15 days before the departure date, 50% of your tour package will be charged.
  • A later cancellation from 14 days before the departure date, 100% of the total will be charged.

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