Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)

Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: 14-Day From Hanoi To Hcmc (Saigon)

14 days


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14 days

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Discover Vietnam's Magnificence: A 14-Day Motorbike Expedition from Hanoi to Saigon
Embark on an extraordinary 14-day motorbike expedition that will take you on an unforgettable journey from the vibrant city of Hanoi to the bustling streets of Saigon. This captivating Vietnam motorbike tour follows the enchanting coastal route and winds through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Central Highlands, offering you an immersive encounter with Vietnam's diverse tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and historical heritage.
Tour Highlights:
  • Coastal Splendors: Set out on a picturesque route that meanders through coastal towns, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking beauty of Vietnam's pristine coastline.
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure: Experience the legacy of the Ho Chi Minh Trail as you navigate through its historic passages, each one a testament to Vietnam's indomitable spirit.
  • Cultural Abundance: Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of the Central Highlands, punctuated by a visit to a coffee plantation that unveils the essence of Vietnam's coffee culture.
  • Beach Bliss: Sink your feet into the powdery sands of Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, and Hoi An, where the turquoise waters of the sea meet the idyllic shores.
  • Historical Reverie: Traverse the corridors of history in Hue, exploring its captivating historical relics that narrate tales of ancient times.
  • Majestic Hai Van Pass: Conquer the legendary Hai Van Pass, acclaimed as one of Vietnam's most spectacular mountain passes, rewarding you with panoramic vistas that defy description.
  • Enigmatic Hanoi Charms: Unveil the hidden charms of Hanoi, a city that marries tradition and modernity seamlessly, and savor the local flavors that abound in its bustling streets.


Day 1: Hanoi -  Mai Chau (170 KM/APPROX) (L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

We leave Hanoi and, as we head north, with the Hong Son Lake on our side, we enjoy the magnificent scenery with the beautiful complex of tiny islands, somewhat lost in between the surrounding forests, and limestone mountain peaks that make an idyllic picture-worthy spot. We continue our trip to the north and ride on a smooth road, meeting more charming landscapes on our way. In the afternoon, we arrive at Mai Chau, where we have some time to wander and see more of the city, just before dinnertime. After dinner, we can see firsthand a traditional Thai Dance show, until it is time to go to sleep.

We spend the night in Thai stilt houses.

Day 2: Mai Chau - Tan Ky (APPROX 250KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

After a delightful breakfast in the picturesque valley of Mai Chau, you'll set out on your motorcycle adventure. The journey will take you through stunning landscapes, featuring terraced rice fields and traditional stilt houses, all while connecting with local communities. Along the way, enjoy an authentic Vietnamese lunch at a local spot.

In the afternoon, your ride continues, offering more scenic views and encounters with locals. As you approach Tan Ky, a town rich in history and culture, you'll have time to explore its heritage and perhaps visit local markets. The day concludes with a comfortable stay in Tan Ky, where you can choose to relax or further immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, making for a well-rounded and captivating experience.

Day 3: Tan Ky - Phong Nha (APPROX 200KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

After a hearty breakfast in Tan Ky, your motorcycle adventure continues with a journey deeper into the Vietnamese countryside. The morning ride takes you through quaint villages, offering picturesque views of rice fields and serene waterways.

Lunch can be enjoyed at a local eatery or a scenic spot, providing a taste of the diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. In the afternoon, as you approach Phong Nha, the scenery transforms into a landscape dominated by limestone karst formations and lush greenery.

Arriving in Phong Nha in the late afternoon, you'll be captivated by the UNESCO World Heritage Site's natural beauty. Explore the town or opt for a boat tour to discover the renowned Phong Nha Cave.

As the day winds down, check in to your Phong Nha accommodation for a well-deserved rest. In the evening, consider dining at a local restaurant and sharing your adventure stories with fellow travelers or simply bask in the region's extraordinary beauty.

can vary based on road conditions and breaks.

Day 4: Phong Nha - Ke Bang (relax And Visiting) (B)
Motorbike Motorbike

The national park of Phong Nha has gained growing tourist interest lately and is very renowned for its glorious history, beautiful natural surroundings, and its caves, such as the Son Doong (largest cave in the world), the Phong Nha Dark cave and the Paradise cave, which are all listed among the most spectacular caves in the world.

After visiting it all, we still have time to drive around and see more of the park’s karst topography, characterized by various significant geographical features that amaze with their complexity and intricate limestone formations as they peep out of connecting rivers. Needless to say, after a full day’s driving experience, cooling off, and swimming in the babbling waters of the river section is definitely refreshing!

Day 5: Phong Nha - Khe Sanh (APPROX 250KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

On the second day of your Vietnam motorcycle adventure, get ready for another exhilarating ride. Leave Phong Nha in the morning, and your journey will lead you westward towards the historic town of Khe Sanh. As you navigate the winding roads, you'll be surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. The route will take you through lush landscapes and local villages, providing an authentic glimpse into the daily lives of the people in this region. Be prepared for breathtaking views and opportunities for memorable photo stops along the way. During your journey, you may want to enjoy lunch at a charming local eatery. As the day progresses, you'll approach Khe Sanh, a place of historical significance due to the Vietnam War. Check-in at your chosen accommodation in Khe Sanh, and take some time to explore the town, visit historical sites, or relax after a day of riding.

Day 6: Khe Sanh - Hue (APPROX 200KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

As your Vietnam motorcycle adventure continues, on the third day, you'll depart from Khe Sanh and head towards the culturally rich city of Hue. Your morning ride will lead you through the picturesque landscapes of the region, with the stunning Annamite Range as your backdrop. The road may take you through winding mountain passes and serene valleys, offering breathtaking views at every turn. Be prepared to stop at local eateries for lunch and savor some traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Along the way, you can explore historical sites and scenic spots that catch your eye.

In the afternoon, you'll reach the ancient city of Hue, known for its imperial history and stunning architecture. Check in at the hotel in Hue, freshen up, and set out to discover the city's cultural and historical gems, which may include the Imperial City, royal tombs, and picturesque pagodas. In the evening, savor the local flavors with dinner at one of Hue's renowned restaurants.

Day 7: Hue - Hoi An (APPROX 150KM) (B/L/D)

Depart from Hue in the morning and set out on your motorcycle journey to Hoi An. You'll travel through scenic landscapes, with winding roads that lead you to the coastal town of Hoi An. Along the way, stop for a seafood lunch at Lang Co, a charming coastal town. Once you arrive in Hoi An, check in at your accommodation and spend the afternoon exploring the enchanting streets, historic sites, and vibrant markets of this UNESCO World Heritage town. Enjoy the evening in Hoi An, which is known for its atmospheric lantern-lit ambiance.

Day 8: Hoi An - Kon Tum (APPROX 280KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

Today on the Vietnam motorcycle tour, you’ll ride back on the Kham Duc trail, or Phuoc Son trail, up to the mountains. Then, you go straight to Lo So Pass after you pass the densely populated remote areas, where the Ba Na ethnic group reside. You continue all the way to Kon Tum, a breath away from the border with Laos, where many trail arteries meet.

You’ll spend the night in Kon Tum.

Day 9: Kon Tum - Buon Ma Thuot (APPROX 240KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

The sunrise finds you riding south through the Central Highlands and then past the town of Pleiku. The road takes you through the Ia Drang valley battlefield, only to lead you to the famous city of Buon Me Thuot, or also referred to as Buon Ma Thuot. This is the place that the northern forces used to launch their last assault on the city that was, then, Saigon. Today, Buon Me Thuot is the place where the best coffee products are produced in Vietnam, in much larger quantities than any other region.

You’ll spend the night in a hotel in Buon Me Thuot.

Day 10: Buon Ma Thuot - Nha Trang (APPROX 200KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

This should be an easy ride towards the coast. As you leave the Tay Son highlands behind, and about 30 km from Nha Trang to the north, you rejoin Highway 1 and take the picturesque coastal road. The Vietnam motorcycle tour continues with enchanting emerald green waters and scenic fishing boats that look like tiny gems all along the way, until you reach the popular tourist destination of Nha Trang.

You’ll spend the night in a hotel in Nha Trang.

Day 11: Nha Trang Relaxation (B)
Motorbike Motorbike

This is your day of relaxation on this Vietnam motorcycle tour and a full-day boat trip. In the morning, you sail away and visit 4 different islands. Lunchtime finds you on the boat.

You’ll spend the night in Nha Trang.

Day 12: Nha Trang - Da Lat (APPROX 150KM) (B/L/D)
Cruise Cruise Motorbike Motorbike

After yesterday’s relaxation day, you are ready to ride today’s 150-kilometer mountainous trail that will unveil some of the most famous footage that you might have seen in the Top Gear Vietnam show, as played by BBC, in 2008. You head to Central Highland and reach the City of Love, Dalat. It is a very favorite destination for both locals and the French, due to its extraordinary beauty, majestic waterfalls, evergreen forests, mesmerizing lakes, the best flower gardens found in the country, and fresh and tasty agricultural products. It has always been a pleasant oasis for those that wanted an escape from the lowlands’ high temperatures.

With more than many places to see, you can spend the day visiting Da Lat’s highlights, which could include the gardens, the Valley of Love, the key pagodas, the waterfalls, or admire the architecture and beauty of the cathedral, the convent, and the university.

You’ll spend the night at Da Lat.

Day 13: Da Lat - Cat Tien National Park (APPROX 200 KM) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

Riding on Road 20, you head for the National Park of Cat Tien that was used as a Vietnamese militia headquarters, during the Vietnam War. It is a park that has endured much suffering, as it was massively sprayed with herbicides during the war. Up to this day, you cannot find proper vegetation and tree growth in the land, and it is predominantly covered with grass and bamboo trees.

You’ll spend the night in a hotel in Cat Tien National Park.

Day 14: Cat Tien - Sai Gon (APPROX 160KM) (B/L)
Motorbike Motorbike

Despite the relatively short route, today’s trip will be rather tiring as the traffic as we enter Saigon can be mind-blowing. The ride ends as soon as we reach the train station. If you require any additional information on accommodation and places to eat, our guide will be more than glad to make some recommendations.

The Vietnam motorcycle Tour ends!

Additional details

Group Size

Price/ person/ day

3 riders

USD 340

4 riders

USD 300

5-6 riders

USD 275

7-8 riders

USD 245

9-10 riders

USD 225

11-12 riders

USD 215

  • 01 motorbike per person
  • All petrol (gasoline)
  • Accommodations
  • Local English Speaking guide
  • A skilled mechanic (for group from 5 riders)
  • A support luggage car (for group from 7 riders)
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Minority people dance show
  • All entrance fees including boat trip in Hue and Nha Trang
  • Bike insurance
  • Visa to Vietnam
  • Any other transportations are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Traveling Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Meals are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tip for guide
  • Other personal expenses
  • Passport
  • Good sunglasses
  • Good shoes for walking
  • Other personal needs and some cash for drinks or souvenirs.
  • Riding gears:
1. Motocross/dirt bike boots
2. Body armor for summer/Boby protective jacket for winter
3. Gloves
4. Riding pants
5. Protective helmet
6. Goggle with open-face helmet and dirt bike helmet
  • If you cancel 30 days before departure, your deposit will be fully refunded.
  • If you cancel from 29 to 15 days before the departure date, 50% of your tour package will be charged.
  • A later cancellation from 14 days before the departure date, 100% of the total will be charged.

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