(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos
(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos

(13Th-27Th Nov, 2024) 15-Day Motorcycle Adventure Tour From Vietnam To Laos

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15 days

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Embark on a 15-day Vietnam-Laos motorcycle adventure starting in Hanoi, traversing scenic landscapes including Mai Chau's valleys, Phu Yen's mountains, and the historic sites of Son La and Dien Bien Phu. Crossing into Laos, the journey continues through remote villages, cultural landmarks, and natural wonders such as Tham Piu Cave and the Plain of Jars. Riders will experience vibrant cultures of multiple ethnic minorities, visit significant historical sites, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mekong River, Kuang Si Waterfall, and lush mountainous terrains before concluding in Vientiane, Laos' capital.


Day 1: HANOI – MAI CHAU (170 KM) (L/D)
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You leave Hanoi and, as you head north, with the Hong Son Lake on our side, you enjoy the magnificent scenery with the beautiful complex of tiny islands, somewhat lost in between the surrounding forests, and limestone mountain peaks that make an idyllic picture-worthy spot. You continue your trip to the north and ride on a smooth road, meeting more charming landscapes on your way. In the afternoon, you arrive at Mai Chau, where you have some time to wander and see more of the picturesque valley, just before dinnertime. After dinner, you can see firsthand a traditional Thai Dance show, until it is time to go to sleep.
You’ll spend the night in Thai stilt houses.
Day 2: MAI CHAU – PHU YEN (150 KM) (B/L/D)
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After a delightful breakfast in our homestay, bidding farewell to the warm villagers, we embark on an exhilarating ride from Mai Chau towards the captivating town of Moc Chau, where a delectable lunch awaits. Renowned for producing some of Vietnam's finest tea, Moc Chau is an ideal spot to replenish our supplies. The surrounding region is a mosaic of cultures, home to diverse ethnic minorities such as Green H'mong, Dzao, Thai, and Muong.
Following lunch, our journey takes a scenic turn onto the less-traveled Road 43, leading us alongside the picturesque Da River. We traverse the reservoir at Van Yen ferry, navigating a winding secondary road that offers breathtaking views until we reach Phu Yen mountain town. Nestled in the Northwestern region of Vietnam, this district of Son La Province is our destination for the day. Here, we settle into a comfortable hotel, providing a basic yet authentic experience to round off our adventurous day
Day 3: PHU YEN - SON LA CITY (160 KM) (B/L/D)
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Today, we continue our motorbike tour on the serene and scarcely populated Road 37, heading into mountainous regions inhabited by the Black Thai people. As we journey through these scenic mountains, we pass by expansive terraced rice fields meticulously tended by the locals. The winding road takes us through numerous Thai villages, offering an authentic glimpse into their daily rural life.
Our route winds through rolling hills, eventually leading us to the cooler Son La plateau, known for its extensive sugar cane plantations. We’ll arrive in Son La City, the capital of Son La Province, just in time for a late lunch.
In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Old French Prison & Museum. This historical site was once a French penal colony, where anticolonial revolutionaries were imprisoned. Though it was largely destroyed by the jettisoning of unused ammunition by US warplanes returning from bombing missions, parts of it have been meticulously restored. Rebuilt turrets and watchtowers now oversee the remnants of the cells, inner walls, and a famous lone surviving peach tree.
Day 4: SON LA - DIEN BIEN PHU (220 KM) (B/L/D)
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We begin our journey northwest from Son La, traversing a series of mountain passes bustling with the daily activities of the Black Thai people. Along the way, we see children walking to school, kids tending buffaloes, women planting rice seedlings, and men guiding the buffalo.
Our route leads us to the base of the long and steep Pha Din Pass. At the summit, we are rewarded with expansive views of the surrounding mountains before descending on a steep, paved road. We’ll stop for lunch at a local restaurant along the way.
In the afternoon, we’ll explore Dien Bien Phu city on our motorbikes, visiting significant historical sites from the French war. Our stops include the Muong Thanh Bridge, the War Museum, the strategic Hill A1, and the old battlefield. Here, lush vegetation now grows among numerous war relics, including old French tanks and artillery pieces.
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After breakfast at the hotel, we ride our bikes to the Tay Trang checkpoint at the Laos border. After completing the necessary immigration procedures, we enter Laos and begin our journey along the river, heading towards Muang Mai and Muang Khua. Along the way, we marvel at the stunning mountainous landscapes of northern Laos. Upon arrival, we’ll check in to our local accommodation for the night.

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After breakfast at the hotel, we set off for Muang La. Along the way, we'll make several stops in local villages, giving us the chance to meet and interact with the villagers. Our arrival at Ban Ano village includes a visit where a local guide will explain the culture and traditions of the Akha minority. We will also observe Akha textile weaving and other handicrafts.
We’ll then continue our journey to Oudomxay, a province in northern Laos bordering China. This region is characterized by its beautiful, mostly forested mountainous terrain and is home to 23 ethnic minorities, each with its own language, culture, and way of life. The Khmu and Lu are among the most significant minorities in the area. Upon arrival in Oudomxay, we’ll check into a local hotel for the night.
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After breakfast, we depart from Oudomxay and head towards Nong Khiaw, stopping along the way to visit some local villages. Upon arrival in Nong Khiaw, we visit the Nong Khiaw Bridge, a local school (if it's a weekday), and the Pathok Cave.
We’ll then continue our journey to Muang Ngoy. During this leg of the trip, we pass through wild landscapes and, as we near our destination, we encounter large cliffs and more mountainous terrain. We’ll arrive in Muang Ngoy in the late afternoon and check into a local hotel for the night.
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After breakfast, we leave Muang Ngoy and embark on our journey towards Viengkham. The road takes us through picturesque landscapes, with opportunities to stop and explore the natural beauty of the region. We continue on to Viengthong, traversing more stunning terrain and possibly visiting local villages along the way to experience the rich culture and traditions of the area.
We arrive in Viengthong in the late afternoon and check in to our local accommodation for the night.
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After breakfast, we head to Muang Kham via Hintang. Upon arrival in Muang Kham, we visit Tham Piu Cave, a poignant monument commemorating the hundreds of innocent villagers killed in a 1968 US missile attack. A statue of a man holding a lifeless child stands as a call for an "Annual Day of Remembrance." We first stop at the visitor center to view photographs and learn about the history behind the bombings.
We read about the single shell that struck the core of Piu Cave, claiming the lives of an estimated 374 locals seeking shelter inside. We then climb the upper staircase, passing a golden Buddha, grave markers, and bomb craters, until we reach Tham Piu, a somber hillside cave with a rubble floor. Inside, locals light incense to pay tribute to the dead.
Afterward, we’ll visit a nearby hot spring before returning to Muang Kham town to check into a local hotel for the night.
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After breakfast, we journey over the mountains to Xieng Khouang, a province known for its heavy bombing during the Indochina War and its historic Plain of Jars. Along the way, we stop at villages to observe the rural life of local people, including ethnic minorities like the Hmong.
Upon arriving in Phonsavanh, the capital of Xieng Khouang Province, we visit the UXO office before heading to the Plain of Jars. This vast archaeological complex is filled with mysterious 2,000-year-old stone jars ranging from 70 cm to 3 or 4 meters in size. Their true origin remains unknown, although French archaeologist Madeleine Colani suggested in the 1930s that they might be ancient graves. We will visit three sites and explore local villages along the way.
Site 1, located at Thong Hai Hin near the town, is the largest site. Site 2, at Hai Hin on Phou Salator (with "Phou" meaning "Mountain" in Lao), offers another fascinating collection. Site 3 in Hai Hin Lat Khai is the most impressive, with over 150 jars. Near this site, we will visit Ban Xiengdi, which features a small monastery with Buddha images. On the way back, we pass through areas that were significant battlefields during the American secret war, where bomb craters are still visible today.
In the afternoon, we’ll take a half-day trip to Muang Khoun, the old provincial capital that survived the American bombings during the secret war. Here, we see a unique sitting giant Buddha and the ruins of old pagodas. We then return to Xieng Khouang and check into our hotel for the night.
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After breakfast in Phonsavanh, we’ll embark on a scenic drive towards Luang Prabang. Our journey spans through picturesque landscapes and winding roads, offering glimpses of rural life and mountainous terrain.
Along the way, we stop at Phoukhoun to stretch our legs and admire the surrounding natural beauty. This area is known for its panoramic views and serene atmosphere, providing a refreshing break during our travels.
Continuing onward, we head towards Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage city renowned for its ancient temples, colonial architecture, and vibrant markets. Upon arrival, we settle into our accommodation and have the remainder of the day to explore the city at our leisure.
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After breakfast at the hotel, we head south of Luang Prabang to visit an elephant camp. Here, we interact with the elephants and embark on a 25-minute elephant ride, each person riding in a howdah.
Continuing our journey, we travel alongside the majestic Mekong River, enjoying breathtaking mountain vistas and observing the simple rural lifestyles of the local people. Our next destination is the Pak Ou Caves, situated at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Ou Rivers. We ferry across to the Pak Ou entrance and explore Tham Ting and Tham Phoum caves, home to hundreds of ancient Buddha images revered during the Lao New Year festivities in mid-April. After the visit, we ferry back and drive back to Luang Prabang.
In the afternoon, we’ll drive through verdant rice paddies and farms, stopping to visit villages inhabited by H’mong and Lao Loum people. Our journey then takes us to the Kuang Si Waterfall, where we marvel at the main waterfall cascading over calcified tiers into turquoise pools. Here, you can cool off with a swim in the refreshing waters surrounded by orchids and lush vegetation.
Later, we proceed to Ban Paksi village, where we stay overnight in a local residence, immersing ourselves in the authentic village atmosphere.
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After enjoying breakfast with our host family in Ban Paksi, we embark on our journey towards Paklay via the province of Sayaboury. Situated in the northwest of Laos, Sayaboury Province borders Vientiane Province and Luang Prabang Province to the east, and Thailand to the west. This mountainous region boasts peaks rising over 1,000 meters, offering stunning vistas of rugged landscapes and picturesque flower gardens.
As we travel through this terrain, we encounter local communities whose livelihoods revolve around agriculture, including rice, cucumbers, cotton, cabbage, beans, and sugarcane farming. Our journey concludes upon reaching Paklay, where we check in to a local hotel for the night.
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Today, after breakfast in Paklay, we continue our journey towards Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. The road from Paklay to Vientiane offers diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to riverside views.
As we drive southward, we pass through towns and villages, observing local life and the daily activities of the people. Along the way, we may stop at points of interest or scenic spots to stretch our legs and take in the surroundings.
Upon arrival in Vientiane, we check in to our accommodation and have the remainder of the day free to explore the city. Vientiane offers a blend of French colonial architecture, Buddhist temples, and vibrant markets, providing ample opportunities to delve into the culture and history of Laos.
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On the final day of our journey, we’ll prepare for departure from Vientiane. After breakfast at the hotel, depending on your flight schedule, you may have some free time to explore more of Vientiane or do some last-minute shopping.
If time permits, you could visit some of Vientiane's key landmarks such as Pha That Luang, Patuxai (Victory Gate), and Wat Sisaket to immerse yourself further in Lao culture and history.
Later, transfer to Wattay International Airport for your onward flight. As you depart from Vientiane, take with you the memories of the diverse landscapes, rich cultural experiences, and warm hospitality that Laos has to offer.
This concludes our trip. We hope you have had a wonderful and memorable journey through Laos!

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3-4USD 395
5-6USD 325
7-8USD 265
9-10USD 245
11-12USD 225

  • 01 motorbike per person
  • All petrol (gasoline)
  • Accommodations
  • Local English Speaking guide
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All entrance fees
  • A support luggage truck
  • A mechanic
  • Water
  • Bike Insurance
  • Visa to Vietnam
  • Visa to Laos
  • Any other transportations are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Insurance
  • Drinks
  • Meals are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tip for guide
  • Other personal expenses
  • Passport
  • Good sunglasses
  • Good shoes for walking
  • Your owns riding gears ( Helmet, jacket, boot, gloves )

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