(10Th-21St August, 2024) Vietnam Odyssey: 12 Days Of Motorcycle Marvels To Halong Bay Bliss
(10Th-21St August, 2024) Vietnam Odyssey: 12 Days Of Motorcycle Marvels To Halong Bay Bliss
(10Th-21St August, 2024) Vietnam Odyssey: 12 Days Of Motorcycle Marvels To Halong Bay Bliss
(10Th-21St August, 2024) Vietnam Odyssey: 12 Days Of Motorcycle Marvels To Halong Bay Bliss
(10Th-21St August, 2024) Vietnam Odyssey: 12 Days Of Motorcycle Marvels To Halong Bay Bliss

(10Th-21St August, 2024) Vietnam Odyssey: 12 Days Of Motorcycle Marvels To Halong Bay Bliss

12 days


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12 days

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of northern Vietnam on a 12-day motorcycle adventure from the vibrant streets of Hanoi to the tranquil waters of Halong Bay. Wind your way through majestic mountains, picturesque villages, and verdant rice fields. Discover hidden gems like bustling markets, ancient villages, and awe-inspiring natural wonders such as Ban Gioc Waterfall and Halong Bay. Immerse yourself in local traditions, savor delicious Vietnamese cuisine, and unwind in comfortable accommodations, including authentic homestays for a truly immersive experience. This meticulously crafted itinerary ensures an unforgettable journey filled with rich cultural encounters and unforgettable moments amidst Vietnam's stunning landscapes.


Day 1: (10th Aug) Hanoi - Vu Linh (Approx 180km) (L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike
Our motorbike adventure kicks off at the outskirts of the bustling city, where our dependable motorcycles patiently await us. After a thorough briefing on our itinerary and a hearty breakfast, we embark on our journey. Our chosen route follows the western edge of the city, tracing the winding path of the Red River. The well-kept roads offer an optimal experience for motorcycle enthusiasts, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.
Our first stop is the awe-inspiring Thac Ba Lake, a natural wonder of the region. From there, our adventure takes a thrilling turn as we ascend a rugged trail to reach the enchanting Vu Linh village. Tucked away by the serene lakeshore, Vu Linh is the ancestral homeland of the Dzao indigenous community, promising authentic cultural immersion and heartfelt hospitality.
Awaiting us with open arms, the warm embrace of the Dzao community welcomes us as we settle into their homestay for our inaugural night. This marks the beginning of our extraordinary journey through northern Vietnam, where each twist and turn of the road unveils the true essence of this captivating region.
Day 2: (11th Aug) Vu Linh - Sapa (Approx 120km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike
We bid a fond farewell to the Vu Linh village as our engines roar to life, propelling us towards Sapa, a standout highlight of our Vietnam motorcycle adventure. The road unfolds like a vibrant tapestry, weaving through winding paths, past terraced rice fields, and alongside ethnic villages where the H'mong and Dzao communities thrive. A mid-morning pause for lunch treats our palates to the rich flavors of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.
As the day progresses, the landscape grows ever more mesmerizing, prompting frequent stops to soak in the breathtaking mountain panoramas. Upon arrival in Sapa, we settle into our accommodation, ready to explore the town's bustling local market and soak in the majestic views of the Hoàng Liên Son mountain range. For those craving extra adventure, an optional visit to Cat Cat Village, renowned for its cultural heritage and serene waterfall, awaits.
The evening in Sapa unfolds with possibilities, inviting us to unwind or embrace the vibrant local nightlife, preparing us for the exhilarating escapades that await in the days ahead of our Vietnam motorcycle adventure.
Day 3: (12th Aug) Sapa - Bac Ha - Xin Man (Approx 130km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike
After indulging in breakfast in Sapa, we eagerly embark on our journey towards Bac Ha, renowned for its bustling markets and the vibrant Flower H'mong community. The morning ride treats us to breathtaking mountain vistas and an authentic glimpse into local life. Exploring Bac Ha's lively market immerses us in a colorful cultural experience.
In the afternoon, we venture towards Xin Man, a hidden treasure nestled in the Northern Vietnamese highlands. En route, we're enchanted by scenic waterfalls and pristine forests. Upon reaching Xin Man, we settle into our accommodation, with the evening beckoning for exploration or relaxation as we prepare for further adventures in this lesser-explored region. Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter of our Vietnam motorcycle adventure tour.
Day 4: (13th Aug) Xin Man - Ha Giang (Approx 150km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

After enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant, we dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling local market, engaging with diverse ethnic communities and capturing cherished moments. Our motorcycle prowess faces its ultimate challenge as we navigate demanding mountain passes, rewarded with a satisfying lunch break in Hoang Su Phi.

In the afternoon, an exhilarating 40-kilometer off-road expedition through dense jungle awaits, as we conquer the formidable Tay Con Linh mountain range. This leg of the journey promises one of the most breathtaking and thrilling trails of our Vietnam motorbike tour.

Later, we rejoin the main road for a leisurely 20-kilometer ride to Ha Giang, reconnecting with Road 2. Time permitting, a visit to the Ha Thanh waterfall may be on the agenda. As the day draws to a close, we check in to our hotel, bracing ourselves for the adventures that await us in the days ahead.

Day 5: (14th Aug) Ha Giang - Dong Van (Approx 150km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

Today, our journey unfolds through the captivating landscapes of Quang Ba, Dong Van, and Yen Minh, renowned for their breathtaking natural beauty and resilient communities. These hardworking and hospitable people have flourished amidst rocky farmlands, finding joy in life's simple pleasures.

A brief respite awaits us at an informative coffee shop, offering a chance to ascend stairs and soak in the picturesque vistas of Quang Ba. Lunch beckons in Yen Minh, followed by a captivating visit to the ancient village of Pho Bang, characterized by its historic clay brick houses. Our exploration extends to the intriguing Vuong Palace, a remarkable fusion of European and Chinese architectural styles in Quang Ba.

As the day draws to a close, we find ourselves in Dong Van, where a comfortable hotel awaits, providing the perfect sanctuary to recharge for the adventures that lie ahead.

Day 6: (15th Aug) Dong Van - Meo Vac - Bao Lac (Approx 120km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

Today's journey unfolds as the star of our adventure, promising breathtaking vistas and unforgettable moments. At the heart of our expedition lies the majestic 21-kilometer Mã Pí Lèng Pass, celebrated as Vietnam's most spectacular road. Here, towering limestone peaks pierce the sky, draped in verdant cliffs that cascade gracefully into deep river valleys below. It's a scene straight from the pages of a travelogue, epitomizing the spirit of exploration.

Our quest leads us to Bao Lac, a melting pot of ethnic diversity nestled in Northeast Vietnam. Renowned for its vibrant Sunday market, Bao Lac serves as a bustling hub where diverse ethnic groups from both sides of the border converge. As the day draws to a close, we settle into our hotel accommodation, eager to recharge for the remarkable experiences that lie ahead.

Day 7: (16th Aug) Bao Lac - Ba Be (Approx 130km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike
Today's adventure takes us on a thrilling blend of rugged terrain, with stretches of broken road and off-road challenges. We'll navigate river crossings and conquer several mountain passes, continuously testing our riding skills along meandering routes. Don't worry; we'll make plenty of stops to take in the stunning scenery and refuel. In total, expect about 6 hours of riding, inclusive of breaks for meals and refreshments.
After this exhilarating day, we reward ourselves with a serene boat trip around Ba Be Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam. Here, we can swim, relax, and revel in the natural beauty. Our journey continues to Ba Be Lake View Homestay, where we'll savor a dinner of traditional Tay cuisine, complete with rice wine (often known as 'happy water'). The night's accommodations are in traditional stilt houses, offering an authentic and immersive experience.
Day 8: (17th Aug) Ba Be - Ban Gioc (Approx 170km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

Today's adventure promises an exhilarating blend of rugged terrain, featuring challenging stretches of broken road and off-road obstacles. From navigating river crossings to conquering mountain passes, our riding skills will be put to the test along winding paths. But fear not; ample stops will be made to soak in the breathtaking scenery and recharge our spirits. Anticipate approximately 6 hours of riding, including breaks for meals and refreshments.

Following this adrenaline-fueled day, we treat ourselves to a tranquil boat excursion around Ba Be Lake, Vietnam's largest freshwater lake. Here, we can unwind, swim, and bask in the natural splendor surrounding us. Our journey then leads us to Ba Be Lake View Homestay, where a sumptuous dinner of traditional Tay cuisine awaits, accompanied by the famed rice wine, affectionately dubbed 'happy water'. For accommodation, we'll be nestled in traditional stilt houses, ensuring an authentic and immersive overnight experience.

Day 9: (18th Aug) Ban Gioc - Bac Son (Approx 155km) (B/L/D)
Motorbike Motorbike

After indulging in a satisfying breakfast amidst the picturesque surroundings of Ban Gioc, our journey through the enchanting landscapes of Northern Vietnam continues.

Today's route guides us from Ban Gioc to Bac Son, inviting us to delve deeper into the region's scenic wonders and cultural tapestry. Along the way, we'll traverse a variety of road conditions, from winding mountain pathways to smoothly paved stretches.

Intermittent stops punctuate our ride, providing opportunities to marvel at the breathtaking natural vistas and engage with local communities, capturing the essence of rural Vietnam.

Upon our arrival in Bac Son, we settle into our accommodations for the night. This charming locale is renowned for its verdant rice paddies and serene atmosphere, offering an idyllic backdrop for unwinding after a day of thrilling adventure.

Day 10: (19th Aug) Bac Son - Ha Long Bay (Approx 150km) (B/L/D)
Cruise Cruise Motorbike Motorbike

Following a satisfying breakfast in Bac Son, we prepare for an unforgettable journey from Bac Son to the mesmerizing Halong Bay.

Upon our arrival in Halong, a waiting truck will collect our motorcycles and riding gear, allowing us to seamlessly transition to the next phase of our adventure. From there, we embark on a cruise, immersing ourselves in the unparalleled natural beauty of this renowned destination.

Halong Bay enchants with its awe-inspiring landscapes, characterized by emerald waters, thousands of limestone karsts and islets, and lush greenery. It's a realm where nature's magnificence knows no bounds.

Our day is dedicated to embracing the serene allure of Halong Bay, whether it's cruising on its tranquil waters or delving into its captivating caves and grottoes. It's a moment to unwind, marvel at the breathtaking surroundings, and relish the tranquility of this extraordinary locale.

Day 11: (20th Aug) Ha Long Bay (B/L/D)
Cruise Cruise

Today invites pure relaxation and immersion in the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay. A leisurely cruise on its tranquil waters unveils the iconic limestone karsts and emerald-green vistas that have captivated the world.

Amidst the cruise, delve into the mesmerizing caves and grottoes that adorn the bay, marveling at the centuries-old natural formations. Whether opting for kayaking, a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters, or simply lounging on the deck under the sun's warm embrace, the day beckons for indulgence and appreciation of Halong Bay's serene allure.

As the sun gracefully sets, watch as the landscape transforms into a magical wonderland, painting the sky with hues of gold and pink. Evening activities onboard include savoring delectable cuisine and gazing at the star-studded night sky, a perfect conclusion to our Vietnam motorcycle adventure infused with the tranquility and natural splendor of Halong Bay.

Day 12: (21st Aug) Ha Long Bay - Hanoi (by Car) (B/L)
Cruise Cruise Car Car

Today marks the conclusion of our Vietnam motorcycle adventure, but not before one last embrace of the region's splendor and culture.

After a delightful lunch with a view of the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, it's time to bid farewell to this natural marvel. We embark on the journey back to Hanoi, this time in the comfort of a car.

As we traverse the picturesque landscapes en route to Hanoi, seize this final opportunity to soak in the enchanting vistas and sounds of Vietnam's northern realm. Reflect on the indelible moments of the past days, swap stories with fellow travelers, and cherish the memories forged on this extraordinary journey.

Our voyage culminates upon our return to the vibrant city of Hanoi, leaving you with a treasure trove of memories from your Vietnam motorcycle adventure.

Additional details

  • 01 250/300cc motorbike
  • All petrol (gasoline)
  • Accommodations.
  • Local English Speaking guide
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary: 11 Breakfasts (B), 12 Lunches (L), 11 Dinners (D)
  • Boat trip in Babe
  • All entrance fees and permits to visit Ha Giang area
  • Ha Long Bay Cruise
  • Visa to Vietnam
  • Any other transportations are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Insurance
  • Beverages
  • Meals are not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tip for guide
  • Other personal expenses
  • Passport
  • Good sunglasses
  • Good shoes for walking
  • Your owns riding gears (Helmet, jacket, boot, gloves)

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