Visit Ha Giang This New Year And You Will Be Impressed

Ha Giang – a stunning and breathtaking mountainous area of Vietnam, has such beauty and charm that many people have to love. However, during the beginning of the year, Ha Giang has many beautiful traits that will surely impress you. Take a look and you will be impressed.

Ha Giang is a northern highland province of Vietnam. This is the most beautiful mountainous area of the country with the giant and breathtaking mountains rages, unique geological features that create the unique beauty of the Northern forests.

The mysterious landscape along the Chinese border – a mythical combination of conical limestone peaks and deep, craterous valleys – is probably the most striking in the country. Once considered the last frontier for adventurous travel in Vietnam, Ha Giang gained almost legendary status among independent travelers. In recent years, visitor numbers have increased dramatically, and road conditions between Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac and Bao Lac have improved, making access to this remote part of the country relatively easy.

Ha Giang motorbike travel tour

Ha Giang has such stunning natural landscapes

It can be said that Ha Giang is always stunning no matter which season is that if you know how to enjoy its beauty properly. However, the advice for you is to avoid the rainy season in Ha Giang if you do not like to take risks on the mountain pass roads where rocks can landslide at any time, the water of streams and rivers is swirling red like a sea monster.

The rainy season in Ha Giang usually lasts from July to the beginning of September. Sometimes, sudden storms from the East Sea also cause rain in Ha Giang. So, watch the weather before you intend to come here.

Ha Giang motorbike travel tour

The beauty in Ha Giang will surely surprise you

Ha Giang is the most beautiful in January

It is not wrong to say that Ha Giang is beautiful in any season, but if you are still wondering about which season to go to the place, there is a time of the beginning of the year when you should go to Ha Giang the most.

Late December to mid-January lunar calendar is the ideal time for a Ha Giang tour. This is the time before, during and after the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. Why should you go to Ha Giang during this time of the year?

Ha Giang motorbike travel tour

Because you will be fascinated by the beauty of the Northwest spring in the mountainous area in Vietnam. In the bustling place of wild birds, plum blossom, peach blossom bloom beautifully, creating a stunning scenery of white and pink on the houses of Meo people in Ha Giang. Flowers bloom on the side of the road, throughout the pass and basically almost everywhere of the province.

During January, Ha Giang is filled with the hype flute sounds of Meo people. The dresses of the Meo women flutter like butterflies, showing off bustling colors. The cheerful, warm scenery makes you feel as though you have wandered into a paradise.

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The cold weather in Ha Giang is worth enduring

January is the cold season in Ha Giang, the weather in the place will start to get cold. Joining Ha Giang tours during the beginning of the year, you will see the mist appearing around the sharp, protruding cat ears rocky mountains of Ha Giang plateau. At this time, the temperature in Ha Giang moves to a lower temperature, hoarfrost appeared and the children had to wear more clothes to go to school. Even so, this is still an ideal time to travel to Ha Giang.

Ha Giang motorbike travel tour

Ha Giang has chilly but exciting weather

Except for the time when a little bit of "luck" is lacking, the cold air intensifies from the North to the weather in Ha Giang will turn into a damaging cold. However, if you love Ha Giang, you can still enjoy traveling the city in a wonderful way. If it's cold, there's also something interesting about it, isn't it?

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Ha Giang is perfect for a New Year motorbike trip

For young people who love traveling, a motorbike trip is the best way to enjoy a vacation, and Ha Giang seems to be the ideal destination for that. You just need steady driving skills, positive health and a tank full of gasoline, and you are good to go.

Ha Giang motorbike travel tour

A motorbike trip to Ha Giang will surely be wonderful

As everyone knows, motorcycles are the most suitable means of transport to travel Ha Giang. Because Ha Giang is still very wild and unspoiled, to fully immersed in that pristine, wild nature, there is no vehicle that more suitable than the motorbikes.

Frontier Travel Vietnam is more than honored to introduce you to this amazing motorbike tour to Ha Giang – the most stunning mountainous area of Vietnam. You will be impressed with the amazing experiences that waiting for you ahead.

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